The Recon

The Force Ops: Ranger bag is our newest miniature transport case. Available now!

This bag holds 9" of foam in one stack.  The case opens fully to allow trays to be take out the side.  With a plastic insert in the top of the bag, and foam lining throughout, your models will be well protected.

The Recon also features one pocket for books, that will fit almost all your gaming books.  There is also one accessory pocket that is 7" tall and 7" wide.  All pockets are 1" deep, providing plenty of room for any materials you may need for your next game.

Finally, you no longer have to use the Henry Ford method of color selection.  We have a choice of colors for you to choose from.  You will need to wait a bit longer as we will have to submit your order to production, but you have a choice!

Standard colors are $55:

- US Army Digital Camouflage
- Charcoal Gray

Available colors are $60:
-Olive Green
-Forrest Green

Optional Camouflage patterns are $65:
-Marine Forest
-Marine Desert

Of course what would a bag be without foam?

There are three options for included foam available:
No included foam
Foam to Fill - $40 - Fills the bag perfectly.

When ordering the bag with foam, please include a list of trays that you would like included. Of course if you are wanting custom cuts, please let us know as well. Please use the "Special Instructions" box during payment.

NOTE: While there are no pictures yet, the Recon is made to the same quality standards as the Ranger. Just half the size. We will have pictures up soon.

The Recon
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