FCR002 - Hobby Tool Kit

This paint tray will comfortably fit most all of your commonly used hobby tools. With spaces for 8 paints, glue, accelerator, brushes, hobby knife, pin vice, clippers, and pliers. There is also a spot for an upcoming wet pallet to be released by Reaper.

This tray set has one tray that is 1.5" thick for your tools and glue, and a 1" tray for your paints, brushes, and a few small figures. Both trays come with a foam bottom.

NOTE: This is for the trays ONLY. If you have not bought a case from Reaper already, might I suggest the dragon, Ebonwrath? Not only will you get a dragon worthy of eating your heroes, but you then have the case for which these trays were designed.

Also, this set was designed with tools from Gale Force 9. If you have need of other tool designs, let me know.

FCR002 - Hobby Tool Kit
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